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Retail Image & Video Recognition

Management at the point of purchase (assortment, display, etc.) is a very important success factor for buyer persuasion. Especially, the costly manual store surveillance has limits. With AIM R, stores can be provided with real-time field data provision and management-level insight for on-site. Also, AIM R can Provide integrated solution for no lines, no check out retail shops(Ex. Amazon Go)


logistics, factory video & Image Recognition

since the logistics & factory management cost(sophisticated hardware, labor etc.) has been significantly increasing, the need of full automation through advanced ai(artificial intelligence) technology is getting high,  interminds' vision inspection system can be used in various field, such as Marble Material Identification, product package defect inspection, car condition identification etc. 

Fashion Image & Beauty Facial Recognition and Classification


A lot of people want to find clothes they've seen in the picture, or on the street. Or some people want to find a similar style of clothes they saw in the certain site.  AIM S Image Recognition help people to find clothes that they are looking for. Many people have a problem with purchasing makeups without actually putting them on their faces. AIM S Image Recognition help people to check their looks with their chosen makeups on.

Video Image Analysis

Existing video media (including networks) ads have limitations on targeted products, such as content categories and programmatic ads. Also, most of the existing video media (including network) ads are inserted before and after watching content, which is pre / post-roll products. AIM V Image Recognition engine enables image analysis and scene targeting. Moreover, aim v solution provides natural ad insertion point while viewing content such as transitions/highlights

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