Object and pose detection

Customer A picked up the last Avocado Chicken Salad from the showcase.

Face recognition

Customer B, who is showing interest in the new cracker displayed is a male in his 40s

People and object tracking

Customer D stayed in the seafood section for 5 minutes

Data analytics

Customer C, visited the store 3 times this week for fruit smoothie

Revitalize Retail with AI

InterMinds combines AI technology and big data to help conventional retail space evolve into ‘Smart Stores.’ We are building the new retail landscape with cutting-edge solutions

Core Technologies

Object and Pose Detection

Locate and recognize objects or human figures in an image or video to classify objects or estimate poses

About Us

We provide the most affordable, efficient, and advanced image recognition & classification technology

to ensure our partners stay ahead in rapidly evolving retail landscape. With InterMinds, small and

medium-sized retailers will be able to commercialize AI-powered unmanned stores, open 24/7